44th East Essex Regiment of Foot

One of Wellington’s Finest!

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Re-Enacting with the 44th

Re-enacting with the 44th

Describing us as a  Re-enactment group may well categorise what we do, but it hardly describes the variety of events that we undertake. Everything from major international Re-enactment events like the 200th anniversary of Waterloo to one day living history presentations and demonstrations in support of a provincial museum open day.


In 2018 the Regiment participated in some 25 events throughout the year. It is this commitment and loyalty, along with a passion for the history of the early 19th Century and respect for our forefathers who served with such distinction, that will ensure the future of the 44th for years to come.

It continues to be a credit to our members, that the 44th is recognised by many, including our peers, as being one of the best organised, motivated and authentic red-coat regiments involved in Napoleonic Re-enactment today.

As a Re-enactment group of some experience, we have long ago learnt that the secret of our success, is not just that our structure and organisation makes us look good at events, but all the work undertaken by members before, during and after every event, providing mutual support, is what makes it happen.

And we measure success not just by what others think of us, but how much we enjoy what we do and each others company.

By clicking onto the attached pages you will get into much more detail of what we do and how we go about things.  

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