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2018 Ending on a high!

The annual 44th Regimental Christmas once again witnessed a number of promotions and awards. -

Private Nile Hancock was promoted to Chosen Man, and Chosen Man Robert Veal, received his second stripe, promoted to Corporal. The first award of the evening was for Cadbury or Chocolate Box Soldier, for the consistantly best turned out soldier, went to Private Paul Smith. Unfortunately the turn-out of previous recipients of this award seems to rapidly go downhill after they have been so honoured, let's hope Paul bucks the trend. The "Oscar Mortalis" for the most dramatic death. Presented by Captain Paul Nicholls, went to Chosen Man Steve "Buttocks" Chicken for his BAFTA winning portrayal of a corpse on Vanity Fair. One of the most coveted awards in the Regiment is the Ladies Choice, and this year Kerry Nicholls and Susan Catley presented the prize to one of our newer members, Private Mike Bennett. The final award, and the most prestigious, the Re-enactor of the Year, this year Colonel Parker presented the Claret Jug to Private Mark Wheatcroft in recognition of his outstanding support to the Regiment at events throughout 2018.  A truly well-earned award.

The party continued to the early hours.

The historic spectacle of the year!

On 23 to 25 August 2019, the Walcheren expedition of 1809 will be commemorated at Veere in the Netherlands.

This historic event will create an impression of wha the military encampments and actions were like in a town such as Veere and how the ordinary citizen coped with all this happening around them. Cannon Roar sounds through the air, several historic ships bombard the town of Zeeland from the Reede, resulting in the landing of the British.

Private Nile Hancock

(Before Chosen Man)

CM Rob Veal

(Before Corporal)

 44th East Essex Regiment of Foot

One of Wellington’s Finest!

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