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In the heat of a Spanish summer, with temperatures soaring to an amazing 35c.  a strong contingent of the Regiment joined with others from the Napoleonic Association to take part in a re-enactment of the famous siege. The organisers had gone to great lengths to provide scaling ladders, ropes, rope ladders and all sorts of other aids to scale walls and cross ditches and in the end history was repeated as the gallant and exhausted Brits. clambered into the Town and evicted the enemy accompanied by the cheers of an enthusiastic audience.


The taking of Ciudad Rodrigo

Later in the weekend, we were taken to the small, but renowned  town of Fuentes  De Onoro where we found ourselves involved in a street battle with the French, that was as close as a group of re-enactors could get to what happened in the town in May 1811.

Ending of course  with a significant allied victory. But our visit was not all all hard work as we found many occasions to relax and enjoy the  great Spanish hospitality laid on for us.

A look at a few highlights of 2017 so far and a glimpse of the immediate future

Holding up the Pier!


Built by the Marquis of Bristol in 1894 to convey the Royal Mail by ferry between Shotley Gate and Harwich, the pier was a testament to the Victorian values of construction. It fell into disrepair around the turn of the 21st century and is in dire need of some love and attention. We are pleased to learn that they are well on the way to reaching the initial financial target to purchase the Pier, so it looks as though we provided the right kind of “support”.

One of the oldest Piers in the east of England at Shotley, near Ipswich, is in great need of restoration. And although it’s only 122 years old (which is a bit outside our period), the 44th made the effort to pitch in and help to launch the funding appeal to purchase and restore the structure.

The Regiment  at Home - Tilbury Fort

Early in the Summer of 2017, the 44th staged a Living History and Drill Weekend at Tilbury Fort in Essex. Tilbury has regularly hosted the Regiment’s training days throughout the winter months and this was a chance to repay their hospitality by staging an open weekend for the public. Over the two days, hundreds of visitors were able to explore the Regiment’s camp site and were treated to a variety of displays and demonstrations.

The Brown Bess Musket was of course the star of the show, members of the Regiment spent a great deal of time explaining how a flint lock musket works, its features and limitations and of course demonstrations of the firepower of these guns was everybody’s favourite moment.

There were also many opportunities to spend time talking about the early nineteenth century and the Regiment’s role in the Napoleonic Wars and those of North America.

 It was a particular pleasure to be able to talk to so many young people who expressed great interest and curiosity at who we were and what we did


The most iconic “Napoleonic Site in Britain ?”

In early August 2017, The Weedon Ordnance Depot opened its doors to the public for the first time in 2 years. In Celebration of the launch of the soon to be completed visitors centre and future 7 day a week public access, this was a weekend of great celebration for all supporters of this iconic establishment. A commercial site it will of course remain, but with the preservation of many of the original buildings and the canal spur guaranteed and with the help of English Heritage, the depot’s historical links will be preserved.                     The 44th were there and were the stars of the show as over 2000 people visited the                          site over the weekend.  

Coming in 2018

April - NA training and skirmish weekend at Ickworth House, Bury St Edmunds


May - The first ever re-enactment event at Quatre Bras.

International event at Hole Park, Kent in September

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