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2019 Ended on a high!

 - and not much happened since!

At our celebration year end party, our customary awards and presentations were made:

The Cadbury (Chocolate box)  soldier award for the best turned out soldier of the year to Private Ted Lawler.

The “Oscar Mortalis” award to Rob Veal and his Shako ( For falling into the harbour whilst landing at Veere)

The Ladies award (most helpful around camp) Justin Griffiths - we all wondered why he was loitering there so often.

Re-enactor of the year 2019 – Simon Norregaard. For travelling from a Nordic Country for every event he attended. Above and beyond!  



The historic spectacle of the year!

On 23 to 25 August 2019, the Walcheren expedition of 1809 was commemorated at Veere in the Netherlands.

This historic event created an impression of what the military encampments and actions were like in a town such as Veere in 1809 and how the ordinary citizen coped with all this happening around them. Cannon Roar sounds through the air, several historic ships bombard the town of Zeeland from the Reede, resulting in the landing of the British.

The 44th at Home - Tilbury Fort

Fast becoming the home of the 44th, it seems highly appropriate that the only event the Regiment has so far been able to present in 2020, was a training/drill day at Tilbury Fort on February 24th. What a long time ago that now seems.  

It was fitting that after the long winter lay-off, the Regiment enjoyed an excellent turn-out and an enjoyable day of drill exercises and live firing was accompanied by much conversations around the usual subjects of kit, guns and drill. (Most of which occurred in the “Worlds End” Pub afterwards. I wonder if the first event we might enjoy at the end of the current lock-down will also be at Tilbury HQ. We would not be surprised.  

“We are come to a new era in the history of nations; we are called to struggle for the destiny, not of this country alone but of the civilised world… We have for ourselves the great duty of self-preservation to perform; but the duty of the people of England now is of far nobler and higher order… Amid the wreck and the misery of nations it is our just exultation the we have continued superior to all that ambition or despotism could effect; and our still higher exultation ought to be that we provided not only for our own safety but hold out a prospect for nations now bending under the iron yoke of tyranny of what the exertions of a free people can effect.”


William Pitt (the younger). Address to parliament Summer 1804

 44th East Essex Regiment of Foot

One of Wellington’s Finest!

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