44th East Essex Regiment of Foot

One of Wellington’s Finest!

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Links and Acknowledgements

Re-Enacting Links

The 44th Facebook Pages

2Brigade Redcoats and Green jackets Facebook pages

 The Napoleonic Association—To which the 44th is Affiliated

Seraphima Needlework - Our superb unit Tailoress

The 44th in the USA—Re-enacting the French and Indian Wars 1755-1760

Netherlands Napoleonic Association—NAN

NARES—National Association of UK Re-Enactment Societies

Skirmish Magazine

Links to organisations we support

Help for Heroes

Combat Stress 

Event Links

The UK Battle Prom Concert series

The Battle of Vinegar Hill, Ireland

The Battle of New Orleans

The Siege of Burgos – 2016 re-enactment

Waterloo200 – The 2015 Bicentenary

In Humberts Footsteps - County Mayo 2016

Historical Links

Essex Regiment Museum—Chelmsford, Essex

Royal Anglian Regiment Museum, Imperial War Museum,  Duxford

The National Army Museum, Chelsea—The fountain of all knowledge

No.1 London. Apsley House - The Duke of Wellington's home

The Allied Cemetery at Elvas

Other Period Related Links

Ian Fletcher Battlefield Tours

Alix Baker –Military Artwork

Project Hougoumont - The restoration fund raising campaign

ation fund raising campaign



We would like to thank all those that have generously supplied and permitted us to feature their photographs, pictures and videos on this Site. Including:  Abby Hart, Alan Balding, Albert E Smith, Albert Jan Bak, Andrey Papkov, Angus Butcher, Cathy Keane, Charlotte Drury, Christine Pet Serper, Chris Reeve, Dan Kirkwood, Deb Lewis Brown, Edina Hancock, Ellie Wout, Erny Van Wisk, Frances Underwood, James Sturch, Jo Isaacs, Ken Hayes, Kevin Booth alias Kevin Wolf, Patrick Browne, Pilar Albelda and Roberto Garcia, Sandi James and Susan Catley, . Our thanks also to other members of the Regiment and the Public for allowing us to use their pictures.

Painting: “Quatre Bras – The fight for the colours”   Keith Rocco.  

Painting: “Defending the Colours” by kind permission of Ross Watson.

The picture of the 44th in Square at Quatre Bras is reproduced by kind permission of Ian Fletcher

and is featured in his book “Wellingtons Regiments”

The picture of the Private of the 55th regiment is from an original by W H Taylor and is

featured here by kind permission of Robert Jarvis

The print of the Private of the 44th circa 1812  is reproduced by kind permission of 

Alix Baker.  Sketches of the 44th: Christa Hook