44th East Essex Regiment of Foot

One of Wellington’s Finest!

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Joining or Hiring the 44th

Joining the 2nd Battalion of the 44th (East Essex) Regiment of Foot will make you a vital part of this  Napoleonic re-enactment regiment. When you join the 44th you can expect the highest degree of enjoyment and camaraderie.

Although the unit is run on regimental lines, and as such we take pride in conducting ourselves as authentically as is possible, this applies both to our uniforms and equipment, our living history encampments, our drill and to the way in which we conduct ourselves when in front of the General Public, our attitude is firmly geared towards having fun.

You will have the opportunity to attend events up and down the country and in Europe. And, at the end of a hard days campaigning, nothing  beats the pure enjoyment of a good meal, a few good drinks and a sing-song around the camp fire.

We are a family group and we extend a genuine welcome to girlfriends, wives and children. There are so many other things to do in support of the Regiment and to enjoy the life of the early 19th century that no one misses out. The heart of any infantry regiment is its musketeers and we are always in need of firers to make up the line.  However, if you are of a musical inclination, we always need musicians — drummers and fife players.

please contact our Recruiting Party on:

Hiring the 44th

The Regiment and its members have a great amount of experience of performing at many levels and in many circumstances. From supporting major film productions to involvement in large scale battle re-enactments at home and abroad, conducting arena displays involving public interaction and involvement.

If you are interested in hiring the 44th for an event, display or for your next  blockbuster movie  - get in touch. The Colonel will be delighted to talk to you.