Command and Control

As an organisation that is run on military lines (Often described by many as a “Benign dictatorship”), no one will deny that most of what we do and the support and co-operation given by all our members makes everything possible.  It is also true that our Officers and NCO's provide the channels through which our direction and leadership flows. It works for the real army and it seems to work for us.

The Colonel has been in command of the regiment since its formation in 2000. Appointed in 2013 to the rank of Brigadier General  on the Allied Staff, in 2018 he continues to serve as Major General in Command of the British Division of the Allied Army of the Napoleonic Association.

Captain Paul Nicholls

Promoted to Captain at the end of 2016 in recognition of his leadership (And survival) of a Folorn Hope at Burgos 2016. Made Lieutenant in 2014 after serving in the ranks and showing great promise. Paul assumes the role of 2ic of the Regiment.

Sergeant  Steve Hars

Steve, our senior NCO, as well as running the Sections  with his customary "iron will" also doubles up as one of our Buglers’ when we need him.

Ensign  Matthew Edson (Regim. Colour)

Raised from the ranks at the end of 2016 , no one is quite sure why. Matt is the newest addition to the officers mess and the latest example of the Colonel’s policy of raising  good men from the ranks.

Ensign Simon Hendley (King's Colour)

Simon is the original Regiment’s Ensign (Bearer of the King's colour). Although a junior Officer of the regiment, he is charged with one of  its greatest  responsibilities - guarding the most important symbol of the Regiment.


Robert Veal

No. 2 Section

Behind many a good man is a ………

Without the invaluable support of one’s better half  or one of our  worthy camp followers, there is no doubt that few of our officers, NCOs or private soldiers would be able to do what they do, as often as they do, without the companionship and support without  equal provided by these gallant ladies.

Susan Catley

Angela Parker

Kerry Nicholls

Colonel Edwin Parker  Commanding Officer - 44th East Essex


Dominic Williams

No. 1 Section

Chosen man

Steve Chicken

No. 2 Section

Chosen man

David  Edson

No 1 Section

Chosen man

Nile Hancock

No 1 Section

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