44th East Essex Regiment of Foot

One of Wellington’s Finest!

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 Associations, Affiliations and The Big Battalions

The 44th are affiliated to the Napoleonic Association of Great Britain We also comply with the ideals and structure of the Big Battalions as implemented at Waterloo200 in 2015.

The Big Battalions comprise a number of Brigades, made up of Regiments who wish to serve together and thus combine to create an effective military Force. Originally established in the 1990’s to create a battlefield command and control structure, the Big Battalions enables Regiments to come together at events at home or overseas, to form one Allied Division.  

The British forces are grouped under the title "The British Division” and have the honour to serve His Britannic Majesty King George the Third.  Allied Regiments brigaded together are any, that came under the jurisdiction of either Horse Guards or The Board of Ordnance during the period of the Napoleonic Wars.  

The British Division is currently commanded by Major General Ed Parker, who also happens to be the Colonel of the 44th


The 'Big Battalions Crest' is:

• A Naval Crown. Because our units come from all parts of the Globe.

• A Blue shield with George III cipher. The shield is taken from a shako plate and is blue to represent the Ocean.

• The Lion support represents the King.

• The Fox support represents the people.

Motto translates as 'First do no harm'. (After all we are not doing it for real are we!)

The 44th, when serving with the Napoleonic Association in the UK or at other events at home or overseas, have the distinction of being part of 2Brigade.  As established for Waterloo 200.

Equo ne credite - Do not trust the horse

The emblem for 2 Brigade - The crest represents the repulse of the French cavalry whilst the Division stood in Line. (they tried to take our Colours at Waterloo in 2009).

2Brigade at Waterloo200

Brigade Commander: Brigadier General Edwin (Ed) Parker

2ic: Major James Harlow

Brigade Major:  Colonel David Bell

Assist Quartermaster General:  Major Paul Wisken

ADC to the General:  Captain Matthew Ring

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