44th East Essex Regiment of Foot

One of Wellington’s Finest!

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The 44th East Essex Regiment of Foot takes part regularly in displays, living history and battle re-enactments (At home and across Europe). The Regiment is affiliated to the Napoleonic Association of Great Britain and forms a fundamental part of the Allied army under the “Big Battalions” umbrella .

The regiment’s  CO,  Colonel Edwin(Ed) Parker was, in late 2013, appointed Brigadier General in Wellington's army, commanding 2Brigade and from 2016 until early 2021  was Major General in command of the Napoleonic Association’s British Division.  

We are the 2nd Battalion, whose reputation for skill and courage through-out these European Wars was second to none - with particular mentions made of their service at the siege of Badajoz and the capture of the Eagle of the 62eme at Salamanca. The unit served with great distinction and suffered heavy casualties at Quatre Bras and as part of Sir Dennis Pack’s 9th Brigade at Waterloo.

Occasional excursions to Canada and the USA, to join in with events linked to the War of 1812 and the conclusion of these wars at New Orleans in late 1814/early 1815, has necessitated portraying the 1st Battalion on such occasions.

When you read through this site you will begin to appreciate, how the regiment has established a reputation as being one of the most committed, friendly and sought after groups in UK Re-Enactment. If you just want to find out a little bit more about us, that's great,  If however,  you are considering "Taking the king's shilling" - you could not do better than to  join us. And of course we are available for hire for any suitable occasion.

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